Monday, August 13, 2018

It’s dangerous out their.

Truth is, it’s dangerous out there. My wife shared the news University of Maryland football player died while training and the coach is under investigation for harsh behavior.

My father played football at Maryland back in the 50s. Won a Sugar bowl actually. He knew all about harsh treatment from coaches and commanding officers. 

I too played college football and can attest to the brutality and physicality of such a career. Abuse from coaches, however, I am uniquely qualified to share my experience. Physical fitness, conditioning, working out, 2 a days, drills, practice, scrimmage, stretching, weight training, physical therapy, all to become bigger, faster, stronger than the other guy. A coach that can inspire and motivate you to push way beyond your normal tolerance and still keep your trust is a very special person. Prized. I only had a few. But thank God for them. 

I knew a couple coaches who just plain got off on working his players nearly to death.

Truth is, its dangerous out there. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Truth is, it’s possible 

You are blessed and highly favored. That you are here reading this is truly a miracle. Everything you have ever done, every experience you have ever had has brought you to this moment prepared to do what’s next. Every thought you have ever had, every insight, every inspiration has grown in you a the power to imagine what is possible. Truth is, our history and experience has mostly taught us what we can not do. Our experience is often something we must overcome. When we look back it is easy to remember our failure, so easy to feel the disappointment. Looking back at our mistakes helps us to learn how not to make those same mistakes again, but may be devastating if it makes us quit trying. We must not relive our mistakes rather we should create our successful future today by knowing one thing; it’s possible. If you can think it you can do it. Knowing it’s possible fuels the imagination. Your imagination will show you the way. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Truth is, I am blessed and highly favored

And so are you. Recently I have seen the light. This truth is sometime hard to swallow. God Loves me. He Loves you too. How does that make you feel? Do you accept this to be true? For me, I wasn't so sure until recently and I have been at this for quite some time. Over forty years ago my sister died in a horrible way. I have been asking Him ever since. If You Loved her, how could You have done this to her? If You Loved us, how could You have let this happen? If You Love me, how could You? How could You let bad things happen? 

I can't speak for Him. I don't claim to have all the answers. But I do know the truth. Truth is, there is the way we wish it to be and there is the way it is. There is the way it aught to be and there is the way it is. Things should be fair and honest and just, but they are not. Life should be easy, but it isn't. God is in the what is. God's Will is the way it is. God has given us the greatest gift known to us. He's given us Freedom. She has given us our own free will. We get to choose. Freedom begets Love. You must be free to Love. God Loves us so He has set us free. We are free to deny She exists. We are free to hate Him. We are free to worship his creation. We are free to worship idols. We are free to worship heroes or money or ourselves. But, if we choose God. If we choose to Love God our Love is true. So, He Loves us so much She let us free. He wishes to be Loved so She makes this freedom absolute. This absolute freedom subjects us to the world as it is. This world is full of meaning. This world is full of life. 

Why do bad things happen? Bad gives meaning to good. Truth is, death gives meaning to life. I have found God is the light in the darkness. God is the solace in the suffering. God is there in the grief. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given. Love and you will be loved. Seek the Light. Seek the Truth. Seek Love. And you will find God.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Truth is, this is our Universe

This may seem obvious to some. But to me, I've always thought of our world as being in His Universe. Him being the Creator of Heaven and Earth. You know, the Big Man upstairs. God. Whoever or however you see the greater power than thyself. But, recently, one word changed all that for me. When I read this word I had to re-read it twice. The Multiverse! I've always struggled with our little Earth orbiting our little star in this little solar-system. A little spec in our galaxy. And our galaxy being a spec in the billions of galaxies of the known Universe. OK. That's big enough for me. We technically can't even see it all. OK, maybe, I'll believe in a biverse or an otherverse, but a Multiverse. Please. It lends to reason then that there are probably billions of universes then too. Just how big is God anyways? I was relatively comfortable with the idea of, "God of all the Universe," but the Multiverse. Where the heck is that? Truth is, I am grateful enough to be a spec in His Universe. One in a billions. Going to leave it that for now.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Truth is, a good story wins every time

A good story sells. A good story is remembered. A good story gets told again and again. A good story teaches. A good story entertains. A good story has a point. A good story has a moral. A good story paints a picture. A good story captures the imagination. A good story gets better the more it's told. A good story tells the truth. A good story never gets old. 

There once was a boy who left his hometown with a broken heart. He traveled far and wandered lost in the wilderness. By chance, he found a new home. It felt like he had come home to a place he had never been before. He was given the keys to open every door. He met a beautiful girl. He fell in love. He won her heart. They married and started a family. They had three beautiful daughters. They worked very hard and built a beautiful home. The boy received the news his father had died. He flew straight back to his hometown and was welcomed with open arms. He grieved the loss of his father. He grieved for the hometown that was no longer his home. He wondered how life would be if he'd never left. He visited all the places he used to know as a boy and very little had changed. He visited the people he used to know and they all marveled at the man he had become. The pain in his heart grew as he thought of his family back home. He would have never left if he had only known. He meant so very much to those he'd left behind. He traveled so far and it was easy to find. That his home is where is heart is, so he made up his mind. He loved his daughters. He loved his wife. He flew straight home and he loved his life! They lived happily ever after. The beginning. Not, the end!

That's my story in a nutshell. What's yours?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Truth is, baby steps is a good idea 

Incremental improvement is the theory. The question is what size increment is worth the effort. The answer, I have found, is any size increment of improvement, when sustained, is worth it. 

When I was hiking at high altitude with a world-class back-country mountain man, friend of mine who I was struggling to keep up with doubled back to tell me, "Up here where the air is thin, never stop, doesn't matter how slow you go. Just never stop. See you at the summit!" Baby steps would be an exaggeration in describing my acent that day, but I'll never forget the lesson I learned that day. Keep moving forward. Life, like hiking a mountain, isn't a race. If it were it would be a marathon, your first and only marathon with the goal to finish well.

I've always want to make huge strides. To succeed. To reach the objective and set a new one even higher. Now that I am older I am starting to see the flaw in this way of living. Being in a hurry to succeed is problematic because enjoying success entails enjoying the ride to get there. A rough ride brings great blessing. The journey is the reward in itself. Baby steps not only allow you to keep moving forward, but offer the opportunity to look around as you go. 

A baby step is an action. One positive action after another and another in the right direction will get you where you need to go. One baby step today is worth any giant leap planned for tomorrow. A baby step right now is the answer to any challenge you are facing. If you take that step it will lead to another, and another, baby momentum is a powerful thing. Before long you will arrive. If you keep moving you will realize you are already there. Success is the journey not the destination.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Truth is, I've been living like there will always be tomorrow 

I've been living as a mortal in all that I fear and as an immortal in all that I desire. Living as if there will always be time to do what I want, putting it off until tomorrow. Always doing what I fear I need, doing what I must to get through the day and ensure another morrow. There will always be another one. Although today is filled with sorrow and need, I press on to create a better tomorrow. I will sacrifice this day. I will do what I have to do, because some day will come and my dreams come true. There are things I want to do and don't, because there will always be tomorrow, until there isn't. Now that I am old I'm starting to feel different. All the days I have squandered seem to mock me with indifference and there is little time for my deliverance. In the few days I have left I will find time in the present to set a presidence. What matters most is now. Tomorrow has no relevance. Their number dwindling. There aren't many left. I'll stop wasting time. I'll stop the theft. I'll do it right now. Time to seize the day. I remember how. I know how to play.